Technology Platform

Providing the world's most easily operated DNA diagnostic kits
which can decrease the operation time by more than 70%,at the
sane time high precision and a sensitivity 5-10 times higher than
existing products currently in the market.
+ performance

-Ultra-efficiency - The whole extraction process is less than 10 minutes.
-Superb easiness - reaction happening in one PCR tube at room temperature, no centrifugation
- No extraction - unique formula of lysis buffer allows rapid lysis and release of target DNA
-High sensitivity - low specimen input yet achieving excellent results from difficult and low copy targets

New Magnetic-Bead

Technology Platform

Became world's most sensitive nucleic acid test kits, with the
sensitivity 50-100 times higher than the kits in the market, it is
competitive for it's world-class accuracy.
+ performance

-World most sensitive nucleic acid test kits - up to 10 IU/ml
- Excellent magnetic beads - finest nano-level magnetic beads ensuring efficient & fast binding
-Optimized workflow - less washing times, no elution, etc.
-Automation Enabled- 96 samples output in 3.5 hours

Automated Liquid Handing

Technology Platform

Powerd by a professional liquid handing station, Sansure designs
a top-throughput, top-precision, and top-efficiency system that allows
a complete workflow of sample pretreatment and nucleic acid ectraction.
Through combining precise micro pipetting, high effcient paramagnets
technology and comprehensive contamination control in one.
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