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Sansure's training academy -- A week training to guests from Dhaka

18th May 2016

According to our established customers, due to the insufficient support from their suppliers, they sometimes find it hard to compete against their competitors....

Sansure's Penetration in One of the most Reputable lab in South Asia

18th January 2016

Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd. -- National Reference Laboratory, is one of the largest and most influential lab chain in South Asia. In their molecular department, two sets of COBASAmpliPrep & TaqMan 96, two sets of Abbott m2000sp/rt and two sets of QiaSymphon...

Third year for SANSURE in the AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

16th November 2015

2015 is the third year for SANSURE to attend the AACC, as the leading technology platform, the ‘one-tube’ and ‘magnetic bead’ are always being the star of the show. SANSURE is proud of how the technology helped the users to optimize the workflow and saving...

SANSURE team made the IRAN scientist change the way of diagnose

10th November 2015

SANSURE team made a business trip to Iran and demonstrate sample tests in a lab of an established pharmaceutical manufacture recently. This group has good interests in entering the molecular diagnostic market, the performance of SANSURE’s unique technology...

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