Natch S Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System



Natch s is a precision instrument for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids from human samples in the laboratory.


product performance

Intra- and inter-assay reproducibility
• Highly precise, reproducible volume transfers from 1 μl to 5,000 μl
• Easy adjustment of the liquid handling parameters to achieve optimal performance with each type of liquid with different properties

Small, easy to use yet powerful
• Fits on a 60 cm laboratory bench
• Handling of multiple assay formats through easy-to-use interface
• Countless options and accessories
• Capability to integrate equipment rapidly and easily

Audit trail at your fingertips
• Records of all pipetting tasks automatically archived and accessible at any time
• Optional sample tracking module for integration of pipetting data, process data and reading data

Reliability and robustness
• Proven Freedom EVO technology
• Liquid Handling arm life-tested to perform reliably for 5 years or 5 million moves
High safety standards
• Designed and built in conformity with the safety and health requirements of EC Directives for general purpose laboratory equipment


high lights


Other optional modules for Natch S

  magnetic bead separation

TeMagS_Main.jpgmagnetic bead separation module provides easy and effective automation of your magnetic bead separation method on pipetting platforms. The device is specifically designed for the isolation of nucleic acids, proteins and whole cells from complex mixtures. The technology allows fully automated process set-up and is ideal for any multiple applications in the life science industry that need to improve throughput.


  plate shaker

TeShake_Main.jpg the plate shaker orbital mixer offers software-controlled shaking and heating options for microplates, deep-well plates and microfuge tubes. This is fully compatible with Natch S’s pipetting platforms, providing automated transport of plates to and from the shaker platform. With multiple configurations available, is sure to fit your laboratory’s specific application needs.

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