Slan 48P Real Time PCR System[2/4 fluorescent channels]


SLAN Real-Time PCR System obtained its SFDA registration certificate and also obtained its international CE marking certification. Moreover, we continuous innovate in products to commit to the most advanced technology among the products in the market.

product performance

The patent spot-to-spot temperature compensation technology enables well-to-well uniformity with an accuracy of ±0.1°C;
Long-lasting high-intensity LEDs which are reliable and maintenance-free;
The unique lateral-capture signal collection technology results in better detection sensitivity and smooth amplification curves;
Auto gain setting; free of background calibration and ROX reference calibration;
Support FAM/HEX/Cy5 3-plex detection without crosstalk.

high lights

Outstanding design of hardware and software to ensure the repeatability and accuracy of amplification data
Correlation coefficient: -0.999 ~ -1.000
Repeatability: CV<0.5%
Sensitivity: detection of single copy
Linear range: 1-1010
High reliability: easy to distinguish the concentration difference between 1000 and 2000.
The experimental data can be derived from a variety of formats, convenient access to the LIMS system.



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