Sansure NAT Blood Screening System
23rd February 2018
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Around 112.5 million units of donated blood are collected globally every year. Nearly 47% of these blood donations are collected in high-income countries, home to less than 19% of the world’s population. Many patients requiring transfusion, however, do not have timely access to safe blood and bold products. Every country needs to ensure that supplies of blood and blood products are sufficient and free from HIV, Hepatitis and other infections that can be transmitted through transfusion.

The World Health Organization states that “screening for TTIs to exclude blood donations at risk of transmitting infection from donors to recipients is a critical part of the process of ensuring that transfusions are as safe as possible.”

Sansure has established versatile and flexible NAT blood screening system to deliver fast and reliable NAT screening result for safer blood transfusion.

Highlights of Sansure Blood Screening System

Sample preparation and extraction in one module

Fully automatic sample preparation and nucleic acid extraction in one module to build up a integrated reaction system

Flexible testing mode

6 pooling sample testing or individual donor testing (IDT) supported

Superparamagnetic beads technology

Nanometer-level beads enable beads-in-PCR amplification ensuring maximum nucleic acid template

Patented magnetic beads lateral suction technology

Thorough waste liquid removal allows minimal magnetic beads loss

Sophisticated sample information processing

Automatic recognization of the sample barcode & sample tracking and archiving table generation available

High throughput

276/564 samples result output in one time

Minimal system maintenance time

Less than 20 minutes startup with fewer maintenance tasks

Excellent accuracy

A total number of 105,124 blood bags which confirmed as negative by serological testing were tested against some referential screening kits. 15 false-negative results in reference tests were found.


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