SANSURE raised over $77 Million in a funding round led by Lilly Asia Ventures
08th January 2018
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Sansure Biotech, a molecular diagnostics and genetic screening company, raised over $77 Million in a funding round led by Lilly Asia Ventures, Highlight Capital, with Bang Chen who is the president of Aier Eye Hospital Group, and the participation of June Capital, etc.

Sansure introduced strategic investors which dedicate to venture capital investment in pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors: Lilly Asia Ventures is a world famous institutional investor with over $1.5 billion under management, providing wise capital, industry expertise, and global resources to its portfolio companies; Highlight Capital, a newly founded investment firm, managed nearly $1 billion asset and mutual fund with both US dollar and Chinese yuan as dual-currency; 

Mr. Guobin Wang from June Capital has been awarded as “the Best Investment Firm Leader in China” by US economic magazine; Mr. Bang Chen is a private investor from the world largest eye care hospital group. 

Dr. Lizhong Dai founded Sansure Biotechnology Inc. at 2008 after he came back from the US. Sansure provides innovative molecular diagnostic and genetic testing kits and tools for clinical and R&D applications. In domestic market, Sansure’s biological products have being widely used in over 1000 landmark hospitals, with more than 50,000 daily patients. Meanwhile, Sansure exports its products to over 40 countries and regions, providing services to national public healthcare system in Southeastern Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Fei Chen, the Co-founder of Lilly Asia Ventures, said: “Sansure has a great chance and potential to become the leader of genetic screening because of its good product quality and popular brand awareness. Lilly Asia will contribute our efforts, alone with other share holders, to forge Sansure to an extraordinary multinational biomedical diagnosis company.”

Dr. Dai mentioned: “We are dedicated on promoting healthcare level via providing excellent performance products with affordable price. With our unremitting efforts, Sansure has successfully solved these problems. I proudly announced the fact that we kept our primary promise to the people. During the last few years, expensive genetic screenings became an easy access service to commonwealth.

We already improved patient’s user experience and elevate the benchmark of the biomedical screening industry. Furthermore, with powerful advises and resources from these capitals, Sansure will achieve our ultimate goal to benefit the global health care.”

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