A Fruitful Journey at the 69th AACC
07th August 2017
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From July 30 to August 3, the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo was held in San Diego, USA. As a leading molecular diagnostic enterprise in China, Sansure Biotech Inc. shined at AACC-the world's highest quality and most large-scale annual event in clinical laboratory realm again, to compete with international giants and to highlight its remarkable products and unique technologies.


AACC exhibition is an important indicator of medical industry in international IVD field, both the international top company and industry rookie are regard AACC as one of the most important stage to showcase their own unique technologies and products. AACC exhibition gathered together more than 700 exhibitors and attracted more than 20000 international medical professionals from over 110 countries this year.


As a leading molecular diagnostic exporter in China, Sansure showcased world-leading Natch CS fully-automated nucleic acid extraction system, world pioneered SUPRall nucleic acid extraction reagent and the hepatitis diagnostic reagents, sexually transmitted diseases diagnostic reagents, tumor diagnostic reagents, etc. based on simplest and fastest "one step" technology and world-leading sensitive magnetic-bead technology, provided excellent technologies and products to the international market.


Sansure’s booth attracted endless stream of new and old customers and dealers who had come to negotiation with sales representatives of Sansure. For a long time in the past, foreign customers had a great suspicion of molecular diagnostic products and technologies in China, Sansure developed and improved products to meet the differentiation of the international market demand constantly and carefully under this bias and realistic dilemma, through the comparison experiment with the international first-class brands again and again, finally, Sansure proven that the technical level and quality of products were meet with international standard and won more and more recognition from international customers gradually.


A expert from one of the largest European medical laboratory visited Sansure’s booth again, he shared with our sales representatives that, he was skeptical about Sansure’s products at the beginning, but he was trust with Sansure’s products at the end, and emphasized that Sansure has excellent technologies and high quality molecular diagnostic products which make them begin to treat China IVD enterprises differently. Besides, he highly praised the Sansure’s independent developed SUPRall and Natch CS unified automatic nucleic acid extraction system which is able to provide integrated nucleic acid extraction solutions for DNA or RNA of various sample types. He said that it is a great revolution for molecular laboratories.


During the exhibition, many agents of international first-rate brands came to our booth for business cooperation. After knowing that Sansure’s leadership in molecular diagnostics, fast development in international market and strong support and good service for customers, a national agent of Abbott said excitedly that "I am really impressed by Sansure company. You are definitely the one we prefer to cooperate with than Abbott.". He confirmed the cooperation project and time in the exhibition, and warmly invited Sansure's team to their agency area for market promotion as soon as possible. 


At present, Sansure’s complete molecular diagnostic product family has been successfully exported to more than 30 countries including Germany, France, Singapore, Cuba, etc. After the promotion of the AACC, Sansure’s products will go abroad and towards the world with a faster pace to safeguard the public health by turning the expensive molecular diagnostic to an affordable and accessible medical service.

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