Eliminate viral hepatitis, Sansure is in action
14th July 2017

In May 2016, The World Health Assembly adopted the first “Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis, 2016-2021”. The strategy highlights the critical role of Universal Health Coverage and the targets of the strategy are aligned with those of the Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy has a vision of eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health problem and this is encapsulated in the global targets of reducing new viral hepatitis infections by 90% and reducing deaths due to viral hepatitis by 65% by 2030. Actions to be taken by countries and WHO Secretariat to reach these targets are outlined in the strategy.

WHO is working in the following areas to support countries in moving towards achieving the global hepatitis goals under the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030:

raising awareness, promoting partnerships and mobilizing resources;

formulating evidence-based policy and data for action;

preventing transmission; and

scaling up screening, care and treatment services.

Sansure Biotech Inc. has developed and manufactured Hepatitis Real-time PCR Diagnostic Kits including:

1.      HBV DNA Diagnostic Kit (fastHBV and proHBV)

2.      HBV DNA Genotype Diagnostic Kit

3.      HBV DNA YMDD Mutation Diagnostic Kit

4.      HCV RNA Diagnostic Kit

5.      HCV Genotype Diagnostic Kit

Sansure Biotech Inc. dedicated to developing accurate PCR Diagnostic Kits to deliver fast and reliable results. Your health is my pursuit. For more information about Sansure, please visit http://eng.sansure.com.cn/.

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