SANSURE is helping more laboratories to regenerate
17th October 2016
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With the help of suprALL, Natch S/CS automated extraction system and Slan 48/96 PCR system. We regenerate the lab.

The suprALL is an Sansure’s self-developed unified nucleic acid extraction and purification kit. It can extract various pathogens and human genes (DNA/RNA) from all kinds of clinical samples (serum, plasma, throat swab, anus swab, secretion, exfoliative cells, whole blood, tissue, urine, sputum, etc.). A high quality purification of nucleic acid create a solid foundation for your molecular lab, to apply infectious disease tests, individual cancer diagnosis, next generation sequencing, gene chip, genetic disease diagnosis, etc.

The introduction of Sansure’s Natch CS automated nucleic acid extraction system 3 months ago brought tremendous change to the lab…

Coming soon.

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